October 29, 2018

Congratulations SOTH!   The Presbytery's Commission on Ministry has received, approved, and celebrated our mission study, and given us the green light to move forward with our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

If you want to read our study, you can find it here: SOTH mission study

Please be praying for those who will serve, and for our congregation as we move forward towards our next installed pastor.

Our congregation is currently in a time of transitional ministry, as our pastor for 26 years, Rev. Gary Mathiesen, retired from ministry in October 2017.

Rev. Heather James is currently serving as our Transitional Pastor as we undergo the process of identifying a new installed pastor. 

After the PNC is formed by SOTH’s nominating committee, and voted on by the congregation, they will be charged with taking the information discovered through the mission study process and will develop a Ministry Information Form (MIF) that can be circulated to attract possible candidates for the next installed pastor. The PNC will receive training from COM, and support from the transitional pastor in their work. They will consider all the applications they receive and will work to discern the best fit for the congregation based on the discoveries in our current conversations and mission study process.