February 4, 2020

Thank you to the SOTH congregation for coming out to participate in the discernment and celebration on Sunday, January 12th.   There is tangible excitement about Pastor John Asher's call to be the new installed pastor at SOTH.  While we are anticipating the start of John's ministry and his family's arrival at SOTH, there is still some transition time in front of us.

As a candidate for ministry, John needs to go before the Presbytery and be examined for ordination.  To make space for this important step, John will begin his leadership at SOTH on May 1st.  Pastor Heather will continue to lead us in this time of transition through Sunday April 19th, which gives us her leadership through Lent and Easter, with one final Sunday to celebrate together.  

In partnership with the Session, Pastor Heather will also be facilitating a couple more congregational gatherings where we will be talking about our church's mission, discussing the ways we desire to be welcoming and inclusive, and to help prepare us for this next season under new leadership. Please join us for the first of these gatherings - Sunday February 23rd from 5:30 - 7:30pm.  

D0 you have additional questions?  Feel free to talk with Pastor Heather or any member of Session for more information. 


January 16, 2020

On Sunday, January 12, our congregation unanimously voted to call John Asher to be the next pastor at Shepherd of the Hill!  We are overjoyed and excited to begin this new chapter with John guiding us. 

More information about when John will be installed will come in the near future.