Dear Friends –

During this season of Thanksgiving, we’d like to say a huge “Thank You” for your faithfulness and support for the program and ministry of Shepherd of the Hill this year.

As the Session Elders responsible for our church’s finances and administration, we are truly blessed by your “Joyful Generosity” in giving your time, talents, and treasures to serve Christ in our community.

During the past two years we have been bold as a congregation in raising additional funds for our facility improvements through a capital campaign and seeing our way through the construction process. We are now finding new ways to live in to these new spaces, even while we live out God’s purposes beyond our walls. At the same time, your support for youth programs, mission causes, education, worship, and fellowship sustains our vitality as a congregation and our witness to the world.

As we turn to 2017, we again ask you to make your pledge of financial support for the program and ministry of Shepherd of the Hill. Because operating costs increase slightly each year, please consider increasing your pledge by 5% over the current year if you are able to do so. Your response in the next two weeks would be greatly appreciated.

Also remember if you made a separate pledge for building loan payments that should continue through 2017 in addition to the amount you plan to contribute for program and ministry operations next year.

Below is a link to a pledge card that you can print and complete at home, then return your pledge to the church office by mail or in person, or place it in the offering plate during worship. If you prefer, you can email directly to Ken Emly at
Thank you.
Don Bennett  & Scott Martin, Elders