SOTH Time of Prayer

April 5, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 6:15 pm
You are invited to join the SOTH community for a time of prayer - pausing at 6:00pm on Sunday nights, and know that others are praying with you as well.  This week, spend five minutes praying for members of SOTH as they come to mind.  Then close with offering God your gratitude and praise.  

Almighty God, Giver of all mercies, we thank you for your goodness and loving-kindness to us and to all.  We bless you for creation, for the gift of life, and for the joy of the connection we share with others. We bow in gratitude for the incomparable love you have shown us by redeeming this world through the grace and gift of Jesus Christ.  Fill us with wonder at the grace of your mercies, with thankfulness that we may make known your praise. All glory and honor to you, oh Lord our God. Amen.

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